Full Season All Star

Travel All Star Elite Cheer

Elite cheer teams compete against other All Star teams both locally and nationally. The regular competition season runs November through March each year with teams attending six to eight events. During this time, some teams may earn a bid to various post-season competitions extending the season into early May.

Athletes are evaluated in May of each year and are placed on teams with athletes of similar age and skill level adhering to the age grid and skill level guidelines set forth by the USASF.

Full season elite teams practice two nights per week May through August along with an additional team tumbling session. Beginning in September, teams will add an additional practice each Sunday until the close of the season. Additional classes and clinics are available for those athletes wanting additional instruction on specific skills.

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Limited  Travel Prep Cheer

So you want to cheer all star, but you can’t commit to all that traveling? We’ve created an option just for you. You’ll train alongside our elite all stars in our championship facilities and have access to our Worlds coaches. Same GT experience, only you’ll always compete close to home. Get the packet.

Non-Travel Novice Cheer

Novice cheer is for athletes who are interested in learning the fundamentals of All Star cheerleading. Novice cheer teams get the competition experience through exhibition opportunities at the same events as our elite and prep programs, however their is no team ranking. Athletes can learn and compete without the stress of a more competitive program. Weekly team practices involve learning a routine incorporating basic jumps, dance, tumbling and stunting instruction. Get the packet.

Cheer Abilities (Hearts)

We are very excited to offer a program for our friends in the special needs community. Participation on Hearts provides the opportunity for challenged individuals to be physically active, set goals and make friends. Our regular season runs August through March. Practices are held once a week and led by USASF certified coaches as well as coaches specializing in the special needs population.

Cheer abilities teams are co-ed and are comprised of athletes ages 5 and above with any type of disability. Special needs are defined as a disability characterized by impairment of skills and overall intelligence in areas such as cognition, language, motor and social abilities. We welcome athletes on the entire spectrum of their disability. Athletes in wheelchairs/walkers are also welcome.

In the cheer abilities program, we utilize Buddies. Buddies are athletes from other teams within the GymTyme program that are assigned to Hearts athletes to assist in teaching routines. Buddies attend all Hearts team practices and participate in all performances and competitions. In order to qualify as a Buddy, an athlete must be 11 years of age and have the maturity to handle the added commitment.

For more information on our special abilities program, email hearts@gymtymeil.com.