School Cheer Training

GymTyme Illinois is proud to partner with area cheer coaches that want to provide an additional training resource for their athletes. Our state of the art facility, equipment and matted surfaces allow teams to practice in the safest environment possible. In addition, our highly trained and certified staff that delivers top notch instruction ensuring your athletes are performing their best. We offer:
  • Private coaching
  • Routine choreography
  • Cheer tumbling training
  • Stunt/pyramid and basket technical
  • Facility rental

If you’d like to receive additional information on our other team offerings or services, please email or join our interest list.

ATHLETE RECRUITMENT POLICY: We respect the time and effort you have invested in your program. In order to maintain positive working relationships with our school and rec teams, GymTyme Illinois will NOT attempt to solicit any athlete under your direction for All Star cheer while training at our facilities. We may, however, suggest classes and/or clinics for those athletes who desire additional training outside of their designated team training.