Health and Safety

In order to reopen for the 2020-21 season, we are required to adhere to strict guidelines from the CDC, the Illinois Department of Public Heath and the Will County Health Department. The following procedures will be implemented for as long as each is needed. All protocols apply to both staff and athlete unless otherwise noted.

• comply with legal obligations regarding disclosure of suspected or confirmed COVID-19 cases (staff, athlete, person-in-the-home);
• display visual alerts throughout the facility;
• stay home if sick with fever, cough or other flu-like symptoms (doctors note is not required);
• take attendance upon entry (for contact tracing);
• check temperature and survey the health of all persons entering the facility;
• dismiss anyone who is visibly sick and require that they immediately leave the building;
• follow CDC recommendations to restrict access to known contact zones and/or temporarily close the gym when an infected person visits our facility;
• and, encourage online payments (athletes may submit a cash or check payment to a dropbox but will be subject to a 24-hour hold on processing).

HEALTH and HYGIENE: We will …
• require hand washing / sanitizing upon entry, after restroom use, and prior to exit;
• provide hand sanitizing stations in close proximity to training areas (so long as supplies are available);
• require a mask or other approved face covering (staff — at all times; students — within safety limits for maximum oxygenation);
• sanitize shoes before stepping onto training mats;
• and, remind athletes to avoid touching their face.

• complete hourly cleaning tasks in restrooms and on door handles, light switches, counters, mats, skills shapes and other high-traffic surfaces;
• close storage cubicles — no bags or loose items (keys, water bottles and phones allowed);
• arrive ready to train (clothing changes will be prohibited);
• close the deli and turn off water coolers (no
refills via restroom or kitchen faucets);
• and, immediately dispose of items left behind.

• prohibit non-participants from entering the facility (parents please remain in your car);
• restrict drop-off and pick-up to 10 minutes before or after an activity;
• provide one-way entry and exit of the building;
• discourage physical contact until it is safe;
• prohibit athletes from congregating when not actively enrolled in a current activity;
• create and assign “training zones” to limit unnecessary access to non-training areas;
• alternate use of training surfaces to meet capacity limits — 10 persons per floor, 1 athlete per panel;
• expand use of facility to maximize capacity limits (class may be in the fitness room, lobby or other);
• and, extend business hours to increase service delivery options.

This is not a complete list. We will add or update procedures in accordance with health department recommendations. Please direct any health and safety questions to