Tumbling Classes

Registration Policy: You must pre-register for all classes. An athlete account must be set up in iClassPro (parent portal) with payment information stored. All new athletes must pay an annual $50 enrollment fee. In some cases, pre-approval to enroll is required. Please see individual class descriptions for any prerequisites.

Tumbling classes follow a beginner to level 5 skills progression. A variety of level appropriate skills will be worked in each class, with the exception of Back Handspring (BHS) Bootcamp.  Get details on registration and view the schedule here.

Fundamentals — forward/backward rolls, cartwheel, roundoff, bridge up, handstands
Level 1 — front and back walkovers, cartwheel/roundoff to walkover connections, back handspring prep
Level 2 — standing back handsprings, roundoff to back handspring connections, running tuck prep
Level 3 — round off back handspring series to tuck, punch front, aerials, standing tuck and layout prep
Level 4 — standing tucks, running whip, punch front stepout, layout, front handsprings, twisting full and Arabian prep
Level 5 — standing whip pass to layout/full, running specialty series to full/double, standing pass to double, standing full